In 2021, we headed West. Moreover, we began our journey from the amazing place – the confluence of the western Berezina with the Neman. Right after we constructed our raft and put it on the waters of the western Berezina, we literally poured into the Neman. This symbolic transition from the Mother-Berezina into the Father-Neman we connected with the desire to pay tribute to our ancestors, and this is how the Weak Father play was created (based on the fairy tales of Vladimir Korotkevich "Weak father" and "Devil’s Treasure").
The Neman gave us unforgettable and challenging adventures. We were stranded, so we had to unload the raft onto a sandbar to move it. We almost reached the bottom twice, once we exceeded the number of the crew members, and the second time we lost the hold boat, which served as an air cushion.
But the most important thing is that we played our new performance in the Dokudova village.
performance "Weak Father"

cameraman and director of filming
Mikhail Melnikov