2017. Creation and opening of the theater. One-week residence on the banks of the Berezina river.
We sticked posters in small villages, invited guests. And our first Tsar Tsar! performance rose!
Vasya Senkin heroically played the main role, and he got so immersed into the role of the Tsar that in the end he almost died, having his shoulder dislocated in one of the final scenes. Show must go on! The wedding ceremony between the Tsar and the Death was conducted, and the raft sailed away accompanied by the singing of Svetlana Efimava!
Due to the actor’s injury, the tour did not take place. But we were so overwhelmed with emotions after the performance. We made our dream come true!

The Tsar Tsar and His Subjects performance

The film about the creation of the River Theater
director Nikolay Kuprich