In 2019, we transformed the Tsar performance into the Batleika (a form of the old Belarusian theatre performed using small dolls). We dreamed about it for a long time, designed the box, made sketches of the dolls, wrote a theatrical adaptation of the original play. Our friend Stepan Goryachy worked very hard and it turned out to be a real treasure – a box stylized as a village barn, made according to the canons of the Batleika theatre from the 19th century.
Artyom Androsov made the dolls very precise according to the sketches of Yura Divakov. And here we are on the Berezina river again! We were indebted to her, we recalled the last season’s posters we had to cut off, and we were excited to meet our audience. We completely renovated the raft, turned it into a structure that can be transformed.
And this time the tour took place!

Sketches of the dolls

... Excuse us lame as we are in thin dresses!

Director: Yura Divakov

Actors: Vasily Senkin

Andrey Urazov

Kirill Masheka (Konstantinov)