In 2020, we did our revolutionary work – we built the second level, which became a roof, the second deck, and a new set designed for the new Aesop play. It’s been a dream to put on the Aesop play ever since the first season, and now dream came true again!
But we didn’t even dare to dream of the British actress and musician Ellie Eastbrook coming to us. Many thanks to the BFT who helped us organize her arrival.
In the first part of the season, we continued touring with the Tsar performance, playing it on the central embankment of Svetlogorsk right from the second level of the raft, not even stepping ashore. It was exciting!

In the second part of the season we created the Aesop play. It was a unique work composed of Yura Divakov's unforgettable acting and music of Ellie Eastbrook playing a clarinet and an accordion. Minutes before the performance, another raft docked to our audience hall! We did not expect that. And it was sudden and pleasant that the crew of this raft stayed to watch the performance.

The season ended with another dream come true – we reached the Dnepr river! The Berezina was left behind, in our memory and in our hearts, as the mother who gave birth to the River Theater.