We did a grand tour in 2023. For about a month we were preparing a tour with four performances on board. “TsarTsar!”, “Nyamogly Father”, “Moon and Sun” and the premiere of “The Tale of the Master” - with such a repertoire we set off from the confluence of the rivers of the western Berezena and Neman. We walked 160 km by water and played 12 performances. Webbing appeared on my feet, gills on my neck, and joy in my soul. This was the most grandiose and large-scale season of the River Theater. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supported us and watched our performances.

A film about this amazing season, about our life and work. Many thanks to the director and cameraman who quietly lived with us, helped and made this movie.

Dirfector - Anton Mex
A new performance by the River Theater was born. This is a Japanese fairy tale "The Tale of the Master". An existential work about the search for truth, the search for great mastery. This is an attempt to lift the veil of the secrets of true mastery. Each participant in the performance walked his own path as a master and tried to make a breakthrough for himself in front of the viewer.